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Neurofit Extreme

There is great interest all around in learning about the natural process we have within us for healing and transformation.  Through our work with Neurofeedback as a tool for optimizing health, mindfulness and consciousness we are able to expand into an extreme brain fitness model workshop. Making available our expertise, technology and guiding structure so that others have a greater ability to experience these processes, to discover more that they are capable of being, is vastly rewarding.

Where two or more are gathered, there is a synergy, an acknowledgement various rhythyms or personal signatures. This synergy, inner and inter twined laced through our STAR neurofeedback design aims to resonate the group into higher states of harmony, allowing for our true innate vibration to rise, coalesce to create new combinations of possibilities fueled with desire and motivation in which all that is dreamed is obtainable.

After years of group experience working with professional providers to advance their mental strength, resilience and intuitive skills, we wish to enhance availability for these development opportunities within our community. By coupling meditative skills with cutting edge technology we will explore and further develop higher states of consciousness, deeper self discovery, personal states of harmony and well being using group neurofeedback in S.T.A.R. formation. Past events we’ve hosted have steadily found a wealth of inner knowledge and peace, while promoting interconnectivity and a sense of ‘oneness’ amongst participants. With gratitude for how we’ve arrived here ourselves, we open this space for others as we expand access for exploration of the vast opportunities within ourselves for personal transformation and community connections.

Designed to explore supportive ways in furthering Mental strength, memory enhancement, focus, concentration, sleep quality and emotional flexibility as our key aspect of optimal brain health. Break out discussions on enhancement aspects of achieving more robust health through examining habits and strategies for implementing change.