Mental Health

Having done long term psychotherapy for decades, we had grown accustom to the slow grind of healing.  Now with neurofeedback we see healing happening at ‘warp speed’.  Traditionally clients would have to talk through their trauma(s),  painfully and tearfully revisiting ordeals in order to verbally share their wounds.  The advantage of neurofeedback: it offers  the client the option to heal and transform without the need to go back into the memory of  original pain.

Neurofit addresses problems of brain dysregulation. Using advances in neurofeedback we employ direct training of the brain, enabling it to learn to function with greater control and stability. Neurofeedback training works with the brain, giving the brain information about its own activity which helps the brain and central nervous system re-organize and learn, improving its overall function.

Once you have more information about your body, you can do something about it. If you “feed back” appropriate information to the brain, it learns where there are points of instability or dysregulation. These “stuck spots” slow down the brain’s effectiveness by reducing it’s focus, efficiency and resilience. By identifying these patterns, the brain unknots itself, releasing those neurological habits holding it back. Neurofeedback training also identifies when one’s neurological flow is in “The Zone” thereby strengthening the brain’s ability to achieve positive states with more fluency and frequency.

The result of receiving information dynamically based on measures of variations of amplitude across may different brainwave frequencies in rapid succession, vs on amplitude alone, is that you enjoy comprehensive growth and change across the array of possibilities. There are improvements across many varied areas of the individual’s life. At NeuroFit the brain naturally balances itself. Following a session, most people feel alert and relaxed – feeling present, alive and calm at the same time – in perfect balance.

Neurofeedback has proven beneficial for: academic cognitive enhancement, ADD, ADHD, addictions, anger, anxiety, autism, autoimmune disorders, autoimmune disorders, brain injury, creativity, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, cognitive decline, depression, dissociative disorders, epilepsy/seizure, headache/migraine, hypertension, learning disability, neurological difficulties, Obsessive Compulsive, optimal performance, post traumatic stress, pain, Parkinson’s, PMS, sleep disorders, spasticity, stroke, TBI, Test Anxiety, Tourette’s, Weight loss