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What is Optimal Performance?

We have all had those rare moments when everything falls into place, where our skills and our mental abilities combine such that we achieve optimal outcomes, better than we could hope or expect; in a way that surprised and thrilled us. How would it be to reach that level of functioning consciously, continuously? What if Optimal became your new normal?

We have not had advanced civilized environments for more than a couple centuries.  With modernization came significant daily exposures to chemical, electrical, audio toxicities, and modified elements to our natural surroundings.  We’ve only begun to guess at the provocative impacts these changes have had on our ability to live naturally and harmonious to our true innate ability.  Through the Neurofit approach each person’s brain utilizes the training program to return to it’s unique and individual natural rhythm despite the impact of negative life events or modernized negative exposures, such as excessive stimulation, trauma, work stress, relationship conflicts, burdens.  Neurofit training is broadly applicable to many aspects of life since our mind encompasses our reality. Thus preparing for an opening performance demands equal mental flexibility and resilience as does sleeping well.

Optimal performance applies across brain states – it is about being present to the moment. The ability to change our gears mentally to relax, focus, problem solve, attend, dream,  create, sleep or activate higher states of consciousness. We have all had experiences of maximized performance, but these are usually fleeting & not often reproducible. Through neurofeedback our clients find they achieve a steady increase in reaching optimal state of mind more frequently and longer sustained. Common client reported elements:

  • Focus & attend to the task at hand
  • Flexibility of attention
  • Clarity of thought
  • Absence of self-consciousness
  • Control breathing & adrenaline
  • No fear of failure
  • Sense of personal control
  • Heightened intuition & awareness
  • Effortlessness
  • An altered state of consciousness
  • Appropriate reactions & responses without having to think about them