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Restore Hope

Many days I retire home for the evening with these treasures: I saw multiple amazing transformations today …as a therapist I wait patiently for these crescendo opportunities in each client and today these moments rippled mightily across each person’s session.  We embody hope, we desire harmony, we are love… and today I saw these expressions […]

A Brief History of Neurofeedback: Where we’ve been & where we’re going

An interview I’ve been waiting for many years to see occur, capturing a greater understanding, a super summary, brief history and highlight on our dear friend and colleague Alan.  He was present at Cleveland Clinic back in the 1980s when they happened on the confirmation that EEG feedback to the patient actually aborted seizures. Cleveland […]

Optimal Performance, beyond what I thought was possible.

I’ve lifted competitively in athletics for 30+ years and in Crossfit for 4 years prior to adding NeurOptimal neurofeedback to my training regime.   What first stood out remarkably was in the same day I completed a tandem neurofeedback training session with Molly (which followed after I had completed a handful of regular style  neurofeedback sessions) walking […]

A note from Steven

Some may be asking – What are my reasons for moving forward and merging my traditional psychotherapy practice with Molly’s Raaymakers Neurofeedback practice? It ignited a sense of hope that there was something more we could offer to clients to move them forward gracefully at a more client-efficient pace. I was also intrigued by what it […]