Meet Our Team


I began my work as a psychotherapist with the desire and hope of relieving pain. I have now spent over two decades walking through my patient’s pain, traumas, and scars with the shared goal of growth, relief, and freedom for both of us.

When I met Molly and followed her work incorporating Neurofeedback I made a remarkable discovery.  The relief and healing that we had sought could be realized without them having to arduously trudge through all of their painful memories. Healing with Neurofeedback can occur more quickly and gently with far less reliving of the emotional trauma and pain.

I too utilize Neurofeedback to enhance my capacities in my athletic pursuits which propelled me to the top of the podium in winning the Master’s Crossfit World Championship in 2014.


For as far back as I remember I’ve studied how to do things differently to relieve suffering. I think my stint as an 8 year old hypnotist may have predicted my future, often found absorbed in self-hypnosis and attracting bystanders every day to learn alongside me. Needless to say, I’m still compelled from this young age to push beyond the conventionally understood limits of the mind to evoke healing and harmony within selves and amongst people, to evolve from what we’re capable of now into more. We habitually repeat our habits and that which is familiar until somehow there is a pause catching our attention and allowing the choice to shift, to grow, to reconsider and choose how we wish to proceed. It is important to pay attention to these spaces, to these pauses as there is much magic and healing available within these moments. Why wait until that pause is so massively painful when there is a gentler way.

In my musing I dreamt often of a process to enhance awareness of these opportunities before severe life circumstances took hold. Those dreams literally emerged into my current reality. Neurofeedback is that tool to assist each of us to pause and choose at a level where we are able to get out of our own way and actually stretch with excitement towards a self that feels more naturally who we are.   It’s a new magic bus, one without need for chemical assisted balancing, without ingesting for enhancement; where we can rediscover naturally how to hum to our true rhythms, hear our own masterpiece concerto in perfect harmony.

My own story is filled with a version of ‘the heroes journey’, as is yours.   Whichever chapter you’re on much clarity and ease awaits for you to bring forward and transform your life as you turn the page.

Bio and neurofeedback provider since 1993.