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Restore Hope

Many days I retire home for the evening with these treasures:

I saw multiple amazing transformations today …as a therapist I wait patiently for these crescendo opportunities in each client and today these moments rippled mightily across each person’s session.  We embody hope, we desire harmony, we are love… and today I saw these expressions lead to marvelous awakenings.

 I’ve been practicing Neurofeedback alongside psychotherapy for 16 years to date.  Across this time,  I’ve watched multitudes of symptoms and behaviors go away, resolve, subside, no longer present, handfuls of prescription medications no longer necessary…with a little extra elbow work in sleuthing out underlying factors, by stepping back and looking at the pattern of symptoms and thinking differently on how those symptoms came to be, there are often golden nuggets of information waiting to be seen.  Tracking brain EEG patterning has taught me volumes over the years I’ve studied them in what else connects and communicates to the brain’s reason in crafting a symptom or set of symptoms.  Case by case I’ve been super blessed to have access to just the right gifted team of medical physicians, and practitioners who’ve shared in the sleuthing, the thinking outside of the box and understanding a larger health connection that’d been overlooked or misunderstood.  So when someone says to me “My friend (or my daughter, or son or wife, or husband) tried Neurofeedback but it didn’t work”, well I actually get excited about those cases because it suggests that something else is going on and if someone can be hopeful enough life can truly improve, then we have a puzzle to figure out!  

I experience clients often resolving very otherwise chronic life debilitating health conditions, yet I am not inclined to take that for granted… all clients situations are unique, as are the pieces to their puzzle.  As we come together and work as a healing team, I don’t seem to grow content, as there continue to be better ways to understand the layers beneath and how to nurture those layers back into harmony.  Thankfully many of my clients from years ago, when I didn’t understand as much, will circle back to me in recent years, to see if there is yet another step possible to take forward.  In the last 2 years specifically I feel I’ve had a fast track to discovering critical aspects of brain to endocrine and digestive systems, and with these awareness gains we are applying a more in depth holistic plan to find conundrum factors.  We’ve gathered a much larger repertoire from which to question why a brain is showing memory loss, fatigue/depression, heightened anxiety, seizure, hyperactivity, repetitive symptoms of any sort.   For myself it took me 17 years to figure out why my own brain repeated an insomnia loop, there were a lot of layers to understand and repair.  It often shocks people to hear that I’ve had a rough time myself, yet it’s sensible that those folks who’ve had to drag themselves through it had the motivation to think differently and the reason for persistence to try another angle.  This self-journey lead to a plethora of knowledge I’d never had the ability to figure out had it not been for my own suffering.  From this has come simply awesome breakthroughs.

And so it is on this day that I find myself on such the opposite side having seen magnitudes of relief from suffering, yet having heard so many discouraged and giving up comments from strangers conversations in the grocery stores, on the sidewalks, in the coffee shops sharing their frustrations with a friend, that i feel such a strong urge to reach out and say Restore your Hope!