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Optimal Performance, beyond what I thought was possible.

I’ve lifted competitively in athletics for 30+ years and in Crossfit for 4 years prior to adding NeurOptimal neurofeedback to my training regime.   What first stood out remarkably was in the same day I completed a tandem neurofeedback training session with Molly (which followed after I had completed a handful of regular style  neurofeedback sessions) walking down to the gym to compete for placement in the Worldwide games and being able to add 15 pounds to my PR (Personal Record).  It’s considered ‘normal’ to add 5 lbs to a PR, but I added 15 lbs and could have gone higher but my coach advised me to cap it for now.   This really got my attention.

From that point I strategized with Molly a workout regime for the CA world games.  The results of our neurofeedback training strategy were multiple.   In July of 2014 I competed:  free of performance anxiety,  slept great across all days involved with the competition, felt a serene ability to focus on my workouts while able to stay calm and maintain my physical training plan, for 3 days of grueling workout I felt completely fresh each day.  These results were mutually recognized by my Crossfit Coach, family and those who’ve watched me compete before.  Comments from others were “wow, I’ve never seen you this relaxed during competition”,” You’ve never competed like This before”,  “you’re able to stay mentally at ease and so intently focused at the same time”, “it’s day 3 and you still look like you feel good”  and I did feel good, I felt awesome!

It is with this extreme enthusiasm, Molly and I welcome you to NeuroFit, where we’ve merged our talents, extensive clinical knowledge and techniques to provide our Center for Optimal Performance, a place for healing, growing, exploration of consciousness and achievement.
Steve Hamming, PsyD