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A note from Steven

Some may be asking – What are my reasons for moving forward and merging my traditional psychotherapy practice with Molly’s Raaymakers Neurofeedback practice? It ignited a sense of hope that there was something more we could offer to clients to move them forward gracefully at a more client-efficient pace. I was also intrigued by what it may offer for my fellow competitors-be they athletes or executives since both roles are quite parallel.

What I’ve experienced after 6 months of use with my long standing clientele has been eye opening. I’m a classically trained Psychologist, specifically trained to create long term therapy relationships with clients for very in depth emotional healing. I’ve seen many of my clients for 10+ years with this long term psychotherapy model, and within the last 6 months of adding NeurOptimal to their care my clients are experiencing these impressive transformations that hadn’t occurred in those earlier years. Some of the vast clinical benefits for clients I’ve tracked are people are much more relaxed overall within their lives, decreased anxiety and increased ability to manage stressors, increased ability to focus & concentrate, increased memory abilities even on clients with histories of prior closed head injury that hadn’t prior to this been able to restore their state of memory, clients are more decisive and clearer in their problem solving abilities, they are less edgy and report a great reduction in “yips” across their day to day living. There is an increase in client’s intuitive knowing that may be difficult to measure yet per observation it’s definitely occurring for these clients.


Steven G. Hamming
PsyD Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Sport Psychologist